Trecchi Palace

Via Sigismondo Trecchi, 20
26100 Cremona

The courses will take place at an exclusive venue, i.e. at the Cadaver Lab of Trecchi Palace, a historical mansion of inestimable artistic and cultural value, built in 1496,  situated in the historic centre of the city of Cremona.

The scenery is a suggestive and fascinating one of an ancient courtyard with ogival arches from which you access the historical halls that have preserved  original frescoes and coffered ceilings.


The Cadaver Lab in Trecchi Palace is a modern and high-tech facility which has been designed paying the utmost attention to teaching paths.

Thirteen operating stations are present in the dissecting room; each station is equipped with all microsurgery instruments necessary for dissection as well as a videocamera for recording practice and  live connection with the conference room.